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Prank Pack “Pet Butler”

Prank Pack “Pet Butler”
Prank Pack “Pet Butler”
Prank Pack “Pet Butler”

Does your pet like hosting dinner parties? With the Prank pack pet butler they can! Ok not really this is just a prank gift box for pet lovers that you can put anything you want inside and it looks like a real product. Perfect for any holiday or birthday just pack your gift inside and wait for the surprise look you will get when they see this ridiculous product package.


The Prank Pack Pet Butler Is Just Too Much

The Prank Pet Butler Tray in action

They even went so far as to include graphic instructions on how to attach the butler set to your pet.

Magnetic holder
The Prank Pet Butler Ad

All you need is to find the perfect gift and replace the package with the Pet Prank Butler

Gift box
The prank pet butler works on any pet

It can be attached to any pet large or small.

Also available from prank pet