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The Original Dog Selfie Stick

The Original Dog Selfie Stick
The Original Dog Selfie Stick
The Original Dog Selfie Stick

O, boy, do we love our dogs and who doesn’t love taking selfies with our best friends? As pet owners, we know that half of our phone images, Instagram, and Facebook posts are our best friends and we love to share them! The Pooch Selfie is the original patented pet selfie smart attachment that takes your takes your pooch’s selfie game up a notch working with both front and back facing cameras. Easy to use and totally awesome!


Watch how the Patented Pooch Selfie takes the best dog selfies!

The Poochie selfie is just a blast, designed for the Apple and Galaxy smartphones and most cases on the phone. The squeaker ball helps grabs the attention of your pet for the most awesome shots you can get and once you get the perfect shot the ball is detachable so you can reward your dog for staying still. Get the original today and have a blast and share the best photos ever!


What are people saying about the Pooch selfie?

Awesome Product! Love this idea!! Kept my dogs attention for the perfect shot. Didn’t fit my phone case perfectly (I have an Otterbox), but it is stated in the description that some cases are not currently compatible. Even though it didn’t fit on my phone case snugly I made it work and would highly recommend it for a quick and fun way to get that perfect shot!

The Pooch Selfie is more than just a toy for pet photos. The company also donates a portion of each sale to help sheltered animals and this is why this is not only an Amazon’s choice product but also and Awesome pet stuff staff pick.