Ten Awesome Tips for Pet Photography

When it comes to our furry best friends and pet photography we tend to go bonkers and take lots of pet photos. At least I do and everyone at Amazingpetstuff.com! I love to share, post and take great shots, anytime and anywhere. At the same time, we all know taking pictures of your best four legged or two legged furry or feathered friend is not always easy. Pets don’t really understand what we are trying to do and sometimes it can get either comical or just downright frustrating but when it happens the photos can just be magical! Even if you are just using a smartphone, a professional camera, or an app today taking great pet photos is easy if you know what to do. Here are 10 tips that will help you to up your pet photography game and help you get the most of your photos.

1) Always be ready


Today we always seem to have a camera on us, professional or with our smartphones. If your out with your pet or stumbled on the perfect moment always be ready to snap a photograph you never know what magical moments you can capture.

2) Use Window Light


Window light is fantastic for some great lighting effects for your pet photography. Professional photographers always rely on window light for amazing portraits and with your pet, it is no different especially when you catch them sunbathing soaking up a little sun and relaxing. Natural lighting can be tricky so just make sure you shoot at an angle and not directly towards the light source, for that pro shine you can try facing the direct light source and move to the side just a bit and watch the magical sun rays appear in your photos.

3) Take a selfie and get your dog’s attention!


When it comes to selfie photography with our pets nothing can get more challenging and annoying to our best friends. Too often to their attention goes elsewhere and multitasking with the shoot buttons ends up with a dropped phone. I’ve tried everything until I found the Poochie selfie attachment you don’t have to buy a gadget you can also try taping your dog’s favorite treat onto your camera or phone or try using a squeaky toy to grab their attention. Make sure to reward them after with treat and share away.

4) Get close


Getting close to your subject is something that might seem unnatural when it comes to pet photography and does require a little patience. You can get some amazing shots and with some depth of field (the blurry backgrounds) if you know how to use your aperture settings on your pro camera, or simply use an app there are tons available for the IOS and Android phones and modes as well that achieve this effect. This is one of my most favorite ways to photograph my dog and with a little luck the photographs can come out awesome and timeless.

5) Shoot at their level


Taking photographs of your pet at their level is a pro trick, you can capture the best shots this way gaining a unique perspective is what makes a photography go from meh to awesome. Don’t be afraid to kneel down, crouch or lay down on the ground and take a shot. Make sure when you do this go slowly or to prepare ahead of time so you can capture the perfect shot.

6) Use high speed settings for action shots


Most smartphones and pro cameras today come with a sports shooting setting, this is called high-speed photography and helps catch moments super quick and freezes time. A pro tip is some cameras such as the Android phones have a burst shot mode with high speed so you can take multiple shots in a short amount of time and choose the best ones later. Or you can simply search in the app store for an app for high-speed photos. If you are out in the park or the beach or anywhere and see the opportunity for that magical high speed shot prepare and shoot away you can always erase later.

7) Be creative and get inspired


Dog and pet photos can get cliche’ and boring so why not get a bit creative and inspired by taking shots that are completely unexpected. In photography school, my first project was to photograph something that we use every day and shoot it in a way that you wouldn’t normally think of so why not try a shot with your hand and their paw or use any of the tips above and catch maybe a butterfly by their nose or nail in a close up! Have fun get inspired you can always delete the photos you don’t want right?

8) Be patient and catch your best friend in their element


Patience is key to taking any great photo, especially with your dog or cat. Pets don’t understand what you want from them and are easily distracted so a bit of patience goes a long way and you be guaranteed a great shot if you sit back and relax and wait for that magical moment…and again make sure to reward your pet afterward and praise them.

9) Experiment and use different accessories or apps


This is where the fun really sets in! with so many apps in both the iStore and the Play store, you can get really creative with your pet shots and dress up your dog or cat with accessories. Have fun and experiment with different camera modes, filters, and apps and let the good times roll. If you really want to take some great curious shots why not use the Pooch Selfie attachment, squeak the ball and capture that curious adorable look or use a free app for exclusively for the iPhone shown here.

10 Show their personality


Combine of the top ten Awesome tips for dog photography above and make sure to catch your furry friends personality, at play, or rest, or how he or she express themselves best the moment will be captured forever. Great photographs capture a moment in time and will always bring a smile to anyone’s face when their personality really shines through.

If your looking to up your pet photography game just follow a few simple tips and get creative and experiment and of course bring the treats along and be patient. There’s nothing more rewarding than catching your best friend in a moment that can last forever and share with your friends or family or frame that special shoot to always bring a smile to your face.