Excitable Dog? How to Increase Your Furry Pal’s Sense of Calm

Is your dog hyperactive? If so, you may be at your wit’s end. You spend plenty of time trying to help your best friend to relax and desperately want, or rather need, them to chill out and find some zen. His or her hyperactive behavior, cute as it might be to others, drives you nuts with frustration. You can’t get anything done or have a moment’s peace. He wants and needs your attention all the time and gets in everyone’s business, no personal space! You would do almost anything to solve the problem and make him peaceful. The following tips will help to restore your dog’s sense of calm and get you both on the path to zen calmness.

Go back to square one

Without meaning to, you’ve complicated matters by getting emotional and now you can’t seem to find a solution. You need to go back to square one. Take a step back with an unbiased perspective as if you just met your dog for the first time, what would you see? Be honest. Rethink everything you know about your dog from a different vantage point.

No doubt, there’s a reason behind your dog’s advertent, unruly behavior. Perhaps it’s just a phase or his or her age or boredom, or simply that your dog is full of vitality, and needs lots of exercise. The possibility also can be in the additives in his or her food and that may give them Tigger-like energy. Anyway, your dog isn’t trying to upset you; they are just being himself.

Get to the root of the problem and do some detective work and find some products to assist you with exercise and boredom or separation anxiety. Leave your emotions out of the equation. The challenge you face isn’t about how you feel; it’s about why your dog acts as he does. Perhaps you can change his diet or exercise regimen to alter his energy level.

How are you adding to the problem?

It’s possible to add weight to any problem, but doing so takes effort. Perhaps, you’ve paid an enormous amount of attention to your dog or wound him up with playful fun that made him hyper. Then again, you might have rewarded him for bad behavior, not realizing you reinforced his or her behavior.

Many people have crazy pooches because they encourage poor behavior while their dogs are puppies. Speaking to your dog in a high-pitched tone, flailing your arms around, and running about drives him loopy. Of course, you don’t do this now. However, if you bought your dog up on excitability, you’ve created a habit.

Calm your dog

From this moment on, speak quietly to your dog they will sense your energy. Never shout or wind him up, even if you are in the mood for fun. Let him know calmness is an option you prefer. Reward your best friend when they are sitting down nicely or lying down doing nothing in full Zen mode. Don’t give reward them with treats when your dog is behaving wildly. Save them for when they demonstrate the behavior you like. Its all about positive reinforcement.

Check the diet. Does your dog food contain a mixture of preservatives?

If so, it may contribute to his zeal. Buy him natural foods. You might consider raw meat, which you can buy frozen in the form of mince to defrost before serving.

Next, think about an exercise routine. Do you give your dog enough exercise?

Energetic and hyper dogs need lots of exercise. Give them freedom and somewhere they can run and socialize with other canines like a local dog park. If you can’t walk him often enough, maybe you can ask a family member or friend to help. Or, you could hire a dog walker; it’s worth the money.

Mental Stimulation. Is your dog getting enough?

The next step is to consider your dog’s mental requirements that’s why the staff at amazingpetstuff loves the CleverPet Hub Exercise For Your Pet’s Mind And Body. Some breeds of dogs are super-intelligent and require mental stimulation. They get bored easily and need to stretch their minds. Treat toys resembling canine puzzles are great. Likewise, games like hide and seek go down well with bright dogs.

You love your dog, yet find him or her difficult. Your feelings are understandable, but only you can solve the issue. You can make your dog calmer by looking at why he is so excitable. Think about their needs maybe they are not met, despite your loving care. You have a blind spot, which needs clearing so you can see what’s happening. Go back to square one and work out what’s behind the problem. Make suitable changes, and take responsibility for contributing to his conduct. You’ll be glad you made an effort. After all, dogs are people too!