5 Fido Tech Gadgets That Will Make You Wish You Were a Dog

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If you’ve ever looked at your dog languishing on the couch licking himself and thought “wow, must be nice to be a dog,” then you might want to brace yourself. Not only do dogs get treated for walks whenever they want and get fed on demand, but they also have their very own tech gadgets. Pet owners often spend more on tech gadgets for their furry pet-children than they do on their own. Whether you are looking for pet gift ideas, gadgets or just want your four-legged friend to have the latest treats, opting for a tech gadget for your dog is an amazing way to go. Check out the following roundup of tech toys for dogs, and you just might find yourself wishing you could trade places with Fido.

Clever Pet

The Clever Pet feeding device will let your furry pets get a reward for interacting and completing puzzles correctly with their food-dispensing gadget. Help relieve boredom for your dog, while treating them to their favorite kibble at the same time. Think of it like a human getting a reward of food for merely completing a video game challenge. Do as expected, and you receive a treat. If only real life worked that way, right?


The iFetch gadget will automatically launch tennis balls into the air 10, 20 or up to 30 feet for your dog to retrieve. Set up your iFetch machine at one end of the basement or in your backyard and watch your pampered pet chase tennis balls while you lounge in your chair. Your dog gets a workout, and you can relax while enjoying all the action.

Non stop fetching fun


If you’re looking for a dog gadget both you and your pet can enjoy, consider purchasing the Pet Cube. This handy laser pet gadget lets you keep track of your dog via your smartphone and play with them with the laser. Monitor whether your pup is playing or sleeping and see how they’re enjoying their day even when you’re not around. Who doesn’t love laser toys?

Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel

If you don’t want your dog or cat drinking water that has been sitting in their dog dish all day, consider getting your pet an automatic circulating filtered watering bowl. Finally a pet bowl with style! Watch as your pet gets excited about hydrating with this stainless steel easy to wash bowl…oh yeah and is super quiet too.

PetChatz HD & PawCall

Bring your dog into the 21st century with the Petchatz and Pawcall bundle. You can train your dog to step on the com pad and communicate with you via the HD screen, record the awwww moments, keep your dog from feeling lonely and stream dog tv with a subscription. Simply connect and install to a wifi and download the app for your smartphone Android and Apple/IOS or use the desktop app at work and communicate with your dog anytime, anywhere!

With cool gadgets for dogs like these, it is no wonder that the global canine-care business is booming. Spoiling furry friends regardless of the cost seems to be a favorite activity for singletons and families. Do you think you would consider investing in any of these canine comforts for your dog?